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All RNT galvanised Steel Water Storage Tanks are high quality products, manufactured from high quality structural grade steel with a minimum of 450 gram galvanised coating per square meter total both sides providing one of the most durable solutions for permanent or temporary application for storing large capacities of water and liquids in many industries.

Supplied in different sizes to suit many applications

At RNT Tanks we can produce a galvanised cold-water storage tanks for you in any size ranging from less than 2,000 litres to 4.5 million litres. We have galvanised steel water tanks for sale whether it is a large open tank or something that can be closed to protect the contents from outside elements. Overall capacities range from 1,960 litres to 4,500,000 litres and our specialists are able to tailor specific water tank designs for extreme locations. Tanks can be coloured by powder coating to most RAL colours.

Diameters from 1.83 to 40.55 metres, standard heights from 0.810 to 5.35 metres.

Supplied with suitable liner for many applications

Raw water, drinking water, wastewater, fire water, processed water, liquid fertilizer, salt water, contaminated water and slurries. Plus special liners for most liquids and chemicals.

Standard Water Tank Sizes

Tank Height (m)
Tank Diameter (m)(ft approx.)2ft 6in5ft7ft 6in10ft12ft 6in15ft17ft 6in
Capacity (litres)

Note: 1,000l capacity = 220 imperial gallons/264 US gallons

The standard tank range continues to a maximum diameter of 29.25m (99ft). However, all tanks over 11m (36ft) diameter are treated as specials as they are normally ordered as one-offs and have some non-standard requirements.

Further Information

Water Tank Construction

Our complete range of galvanised steel water tanks are supplied in kit form and are easy to construct with a minimum of two people.

Water Tank Linings

Tank Linings can be supplied in a wide range of materials and thickness to meet specific tank uses including:

  • For Water – EPDM, Butyl Rubber & PVC

Liners are produced in a range of thicknesses from 0.75mm to 2.00mm both in plain and nylon reinforced varieties.

Our NEW tank lining kit has an inner capping produced from a heavy duty reinforced rubber strip and an outer capping of low-density polyethylene, complemented with clips, wire strainer kit and tensioner.

Water Storage Tank Outlets

Outlets in a full range of sizes. Numbers and positions can be arranged to suit customer requirements.

Water Tank Accessories

Tanks can be supplied with a range of water storage tank accessories including:

  • Access Ladders
  • Valves
  • Level Indicators
  • Tank Enclosures
  • Steel Covers
  • PVC Covers
  • Anti-Algae Covers

Comprehensive Range

  • Tank Diameters: 1.83m to 40.5m (6′ – 132′)
  • Tank Heights: 0.81m to 6.08m (2’7.8″ – 19’11”)
  • Tank Volumes: 2,000L – 4,500,000L
  • Available in galvanised or coloured finish
  • 450g/m2 Galvanising (Z450) surpasses the current industry standard of 275g/m2 (Z275)
  • PVC cover high angle of installation ensures that water and debris run off
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