Bespoke Solutions

Although we have an extensive range of standard tanks and silos, it is often the case where a ‘special’ should be considered or may be recommended by us. As manufacturers, we are not limited in what we can make.

Situations where bespoke tanks should be considered include:

  • Extreme exposed locations (i.e Scottish Islands)
  • Extreme temperatures – both high and low (i.e. Canada, Africa)
  • Seismic (earth tremor) areas (i.e. Iceland, New Zealand)

Or where:

  • A special size or shape tank is required.
  • The tank is to be buried either partially or fully.
  • There are special planning or environmental requirements.

Or when the product being stored requires special considerations:

RNT has produced bespoke tanks and silos to meet all the above requirements and will be pleased to advise on what is required.

Examples of Previous ‘Specials’

  • A range of tanks for emergency aid use
  • Tanks for fish farms in Iceland
  • Tanks to hold de-icing fluid at an airport on the outer Hebrides
  • Tanks to be erected in an underground bunker where access was by shaft 1.2m x 2.0m
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