How to Choose the Correct Water Tank

The selection of the right size of water tank for a project is an important but reasonably simple process.

First Step

Decide on the working tank capacity that you require then add at least 15% to cover the tanks working free board of at least 100mm and the bottom 75mm which in normal use would not be emptied – this will give the minimum tank capacity needed.

Second Step

Look at the various possible sites for the tank. This should be on good, well compacted, flat ground. If near a building, the tank wall should be at least 1m clear of the building – this will give you the minimum and maximum tank diameters possible.

Now consider the optimum tank height that suits the site and your access requirements. For example, lower than the building’s gutters if to be used for rain water harvesting.

Tank Selection

With the diameter and height options established it is now possible to look at the extensive range of tanks available which will give a number of diameter/height combinations for any given capacity. From this point it is easy to select the perfect tank for your application.

Final Step

Before finalising on a standard tank, it is important to check on all issues that may affect whether the tank manufacturer approves the use of a standard tank or decides a bespoke tank is necessary.

These issues include:

  • Is the site is exposed? – at height, near the sea, to strong winds.
  • Is the tank to be partially or fully buried?
  • Are there any local regulations regarding the colour of the tank? (In some areas the authorities specify that the tanks must be green)
  • Can all of the required inlet and outlet piping be accommodated?

RNT Tanks & Silos engineers will check the suitability of a standard tank for your project and, if required, quote for the supply of a bespoke tank that meets your needs exactly.

All that remains now is to decide if the tank needs a steel roof, a PVC roof or a permeable anti-algae cover.

RNT’s tanks are delivered to site as kits ready for erection on a prepared base. Should assistance in building the tank be required, RNT can provide experienced site engineers to carry out the erection and completion of the tank.

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